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Products Shoe making machinery

QF-675 Toe puff applying machine shoe machinery

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QF-675 Toe puff applying machine shoe machinery

QF-675 Toe puff applying machine shoe machinery

1.Buffer device:improve the buffering effect and reduce noise.

2.U-shaped device:operate lune-shaped and can deal with last in different shapes conveniently, which can finish 900 pairs per hour.

3.The thermoplastic toe puff can display the complete shape of shoe last after applied and with full flexibility.

4.Edge of thermoplastic toe puff is skived automatically which can get a perfect toe lasting effect,eliminating the edge line to improve the external appearance.

5.Thickness and skiving angle of the thermoplastic toe puff can be adjusted automatically also locate accurately.

6.It's ont necessary to immerge uppers into toluol of some other solvent and without gelatinizing which makes the shoe upper clean. Adopting the imported electronical control circuit manufactured in Taiwan. with high accuracy and excellent performance.

Model Dimensions(LWH) Electric heating N.W Power
QF-675 1140*720*1120mm 2.4KW 300kg 2KW

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